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Frequently Asked Questions

My company wants to mail out several thousand promotional brochures, what does Advantedge need from me to make it happen?

Quite simply all that we need are the mailing materials (i.e. the envelopes and brochures) and your mailing database. And of course the payment for the postage. Once we receive the data and materials we handle everything from there and the client's role in the process is finished.

What if we don't have the brochures printed yet, can Advantedge print them for us?

Advantedge has full service commercial printing capabilities in-house that will satisfy all of your print requirements. We provide exceptional quality, excellent turnaround and extremely competitive pricing, across offset, digital and wide format mediums.

How much is the postage for Personalized Mail?

It depends on which option is used to process the mailing. If it is processed as Machineable Personalized Mail the rate for a standard piece would be a fixed rate of 49.5 cents per piece.

* The dimensions of the mailing piece can not exceed 245 mm (9.6 inches) in length and 156 mm (6.1 inches) in width

I recently opened a business and would like to mail 5,000 brochures locally, where do I start?

It sounds like Neighbourhood Mail would be a good fit. We can assist you in determining the most efficient distribution of your flyers based on both geographic criteria ( eg. distance from your business ) and relevant demographic selects such as age, household income, etc. Once the most appropriate Canada Post delivery routes have been determined we would prep the mailing to Canada Post specifications, prepare all of the required documentation and deliver the mailing to Canada Post.

How large does my mailing have to be in order to qualify for discounted postage rates?

Canada Post has a minimum volume requirement of 100 pieces for its Machineable Personalized Mail product. You can however send out fewer than 100 pieces but you will have to pay a "phantom" charge on the shortfall below the minimum. Consequently you would in effect be paying for 100 pieces despite the fact that you may be sending out fewer than that.

And what about the data that I provide for the mailing, will it be treated confidentially?

Absolutely! The only thing that your data will be used for will be to process YOUR mailing. It will be secure and never used for any other purpose. For more information please review our Privacy Policy.

What if I want to do a mailing but I don't have a customer list?

In such a case you would have to purchase a mailing list from a list provider. Since Advantedge is a broker for one of North America's leading list providers we can certainly assist you in acquiring a list that best meets your demographic requirements.

What format does my data need to be in?

In order to minimize any data related problems associated with the processing of a mailing we would recommend that you provide your data files to us in one of the following data formats: Excel, Access, CSV, or .dbf. Most spreadsheet and database formats are also acceptable.

I have an old database and am not sure if the recipients address information is up to date, what should I do?

Send us your data file and as a first step we would validate and correct the address and postal codes and would identify any invalid non-mailable address records.

And if you're concerned that a lot of the people/businesses on your list may have moved we could perform a National Change of Address (NCOA) update on your database. This would involve matching the contact information in your data file against Canada Post's master database of individuals and businesses that have moved over the past six years, thereby providing you with an updated and accurate mailing list.

We would like to do a mailing to the US, do you provide that service?

Yes we do. We can cleanse your data file to USPS specifications, prep your mailing to USPS specs, and deliver it directly to the USPS for induction into their mailstream.

Mailing Tips

Put Together A Budget

When planning your mailing your first step should be to create a budget for the project. Make sure that you include all of the various costs associated with your mailing including the following:

Cost of designing your mailing piece
Cost of having the piece printed
Postage cost
Cost to purchase a mailing list (if applicable)
Labour costs associated with processing your mailing

First Time Mailers

If you are a first time mailer you may wish to be set up with your own Canada Post customer account number. In order to do so you can call the Canada Post Commercial Service Network, or if you require assistance with this process Advantedge would be pleased to help you out.

Size & Weight Restrictions

Make sure that you check out the Canada Post size and weight restrictions prior to designing your mailing piece. A very minor weight or dimensional variance can result in your mailing piece falling into a different rate classification, which in turn can result in a significantly higher postage cost.

Product Classification

Prior to designing and printing your mailing piece it is recommended that you make sure that your piece meets all of the Canada Post criteria for its respective product classification. For example, the definition of what qualifies as a Personalized Mail piece is very different from the definition of what constitutes a Publications Mail piece.

Mailing Indicias

If printing a Canada Post mailing indicia on your mailing piece you should make sure that you are using the proper indicia, and also ensure that the correct customer number (or agreement number in the case of Publications Mail) is printed on the indicia.

The Print Block

Please ensure that the area that you have allocated for the print block on the mailing panel of your piece is adequate. As we may be printing several required Canada Post codes in the print block in addition to the complete mailing address we generally suggest a minimum print block area of at least 3 inches x 1½ inches. Generally speaking from an appearance and deliverability perspective, the larger the print block area is the better the addressed piece will look.

Allow For Adequate Lead Time

Make sure that you allow sufficient lead time to have your mailing piece printed, processed and delivered, particularly in the case where your mailing piece is time sensitive. Advantedge offers a standard turnaround time of two business days from the receipt of all of the required mailing materials and the data. However, please be aware that Canada Post's delivery standards can range from 3 to 8 business days for the national delivery of Personalized Mail.

Do Not Label your Mailing

If you provide us your mailing data electronically we can perform a computerized sortation of your mailing list thereby providing you with the lowest possible postage rates from Canada Post.

Clean Up your Mailing List

The cleaner that your mailing list is the more deliverable and less costly your mailing is going to be. Advantedge offers a host of data related services that can improve the accuracy of your mailing list and in turn improve the deliverability of your mailing. We have the capability to validate and correct address files, eliminate duplicate address records and perform the merge/purge function for multiple databases.

Recommended Data Formats

In order to minimize any data related problems associated with the processing of a mailing we would recommend that you provide your data files to us in one of the following formats:

Excel, Access, .dbf, or CSV.

Job Scheduling

In the event that you would like Advantedge to perform a mailing job on your behalf, we would recommend that you provide us with as much notice as possible. Once we have been advised of your target dates (i.e. for the receipt of data and materials and for the delivery of the processed mailing to Canada Post) we can schedule your job into our production queue thereby ensuring that it will be processed in a timely fashion.

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